• When are Trash and Recycle Days?
    The City of Flagstaff collects Recycle on Mondays and Trash on Wednesdays.  Please be sure to have containers out by 6:00 AM and bring them back in that evening.
  • When is Bulk Pick-Up?
    The City of Flagstaff picks up every 4 weeks.  Check the NEWS section for specific dates.
  • Who is Responsible for Clearing Snow?
    The streets are owned and maintained by the City of Flagstaff who plows the streets during Winter.  Each property owner is responsible for clearing their own driveways, paths and other areas on their property.
  • Where can I Read the Rules?
    The HOA Rules are outlined in Article III of the CC&Rs, which can be read here CC&Rs.
  • What are Guidelines for New Construction?
    New construction is only permitted within the Building Envelop.  You can view your Lot by clicking SET BACKS.   See the CC&Rs for more specific building guidelines.  You must submit your plans to the Board for review, which they will complete within 30 days, and you need their signed approval before starting construction.
  • May I store my RV on my Property?
    Yes, but RVs must be stored out of sight.  For further specifics, please download the CC&Rs.
  • Are there Outdoor Lighting Restrictions?
    Flagstaff is a Dark Sky City and Equestrian Estates is near the Naval Observatory.  No spotlight, flood or high intensity lighting that can be seen by other lots is allowed.  For more information, see the CC&Rs.
  • Who is the Property Manager at Equestrian Estates?
    Brian Lee Wilson manages Equestrian Estates and can be reached at CONTACT.